Department of Psychiatry

Mental health problems and behavioural issues has gained more prominence over the last few decades due to disruption in work-life balance, increase in perceived stress and changes in family structure/outlook of relationships. Psychiatric issues can reduce the quality of living which can decrease productivity and also either exacerbate or lead to medical problems. Here at Apollo, the Department of Psychiatry aims to provide a complete sense of mental and social well-being using its outpatient services. Treatment is voluntary and individually tailored and is provided by our in-house expert psychologist.  

Services we provide

  • Pharmacotherapy (Medications)
  • Treatment of anxiety and mood disorders
  • Treatment of Psychosis
  • Child & Adolescent mental health problems
  • Geriatric (Old age) psychiatric issues and memory impairment  
  • Treatment of sleep disorders
  • Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Family & Marital therapy
  • Stress Management

Contact Us


Apollo Hospital Muscat PO Box 1097 Al – Hamriya, P.C. 131, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


  • Tel :(00968) 24787766 /24782666 /24787780
  • Fax :(968) 24700093