Department Of Nutrition and Dietetics

The science of Dietetics and Nutrition deals with the adequacy of diets during normal life cycle and modifications as required during diseased conditions. For instance nutrition plays an important role in effective diabetes management which can be achieved with a combination of right medicine, exercise and proper diet.

The Department of Dietetics at International Medical Center Apollo Sugar Clinic offers integrated dietary services to address various health conditions pertaining to obesity and weight management. The primary goal is to provide and maintain an excellent and quality dietary service in meeting patient unique needs and wants.

Our dietician provides personalized diet instructions, menu planning, lifestyle counseling to ensure a healthy nutritional plan that is exclusively designed to meet the desired objective.

In addition to providing dietary services across the hospital and clinic, the Dietetics Department also provides educational talks to organizations and public wherein our department adopts a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to patient care.

Services we provide


  • To provide the highest quality nutritional care and dietetic services
  • Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies
  • Help patients better respond to treatments complimenting with diet
  • Minimize nutrition related side effects and complications
  • Maintain strength and energy
  • Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection.
  • Aid in recovery and healing.
  • Maximize the quality of life
  • Individualized assessment and meal plans
  • Education on healthy nutrition

Contact Us


Apollo Hospital Muscat PO Box 1097 Al – Hamriya, P.C. 131, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


  • Tel :(00968) 24787766 /24782666 /24787780
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