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Dr. Nizar's article on Abdominoplasty

02 February, 2022 by Dr. Nizar's article on Abdominoplasty.

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After repeated births, and the loss of excess weight, the skin of the abdomen becomes saggy with the fat accumulated on it, stretch marks appear and the abdominal muscles weaken due to the pressure of the uterus or stomach from the inside.

The only solution to this situation lies in the of tummy tuck surgery, where the excess flabby skin is removed along with the fat from the abdomen, and the muscles are tightened in a way that restores them as strong as before birth.

The wound is horizontal in the lower abdomen only and its effect is negligible with the passage of time.

The operation is performed under general or partial anesthesia, and the patient stays in the hospital for a day or two, after which she leaves home wearing a corset for a month.

The tummy tuck process gives great results, as the abdomen becomes smooth, vertical in shape with beautiful sculpted waists, and gives self-confidence, lightness and grace in life.


Dr. Nizar Shehab

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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