Apollo Hospital Muscat launches Uro-Gynaec Clinic

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Apollo Hospital Muscat launches Uro-Gynaec Clinic

08 September, 2019 by admin

Apollo Hospital Muscat launches Uro-Gynaec Clinic

Apollo Hospital Muscat has launched its Uro-Gynaec Clinic to address and cater to the needs of a growing number of women with various uro- gynaec-related problems.

Apollo Hospital launched this unique clinicas part of the Continuous Medical Education progamme, which was held to discuss the latest methods in urology and uro-gynaecology related treatment.

Leading uro-gynaec consultant

Leading the Uro-Gynec Clinic is Dr Alpa Khakhar, consultant uro-gynaecologist from Apollo Hospitals Chennai.

Dr Khakhar’s experience includes treating cases related to stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery in difficult gynec and uro-gynaec cases. She will be supported by a full time gynaecologist Dr Archana Devi, Dr Khurshid Jihan and urologist Dr Althaf Hussain as well as other support staff, including a physiotherapist.

Apollo Hospital commited to quality healthcare

“We at Apollo hospital are committed to provide quality health care to all people in sultanate of Oman and to identify their medical needs on a timely basis and upgrade our service to cater their requirements.  One such initiative is our URO-GYNAEC clinic,” said V T Saileswaran, Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Muscat.  

Explaining the advanced methods in treating urology and uro-gynaecology problems, Dr Khakhar said: “Now, with this launch, we have all the facilities available for the advanced investigations and surgeries needed to correct stress urinary incontinence, huge pelvic mass and pelvic organ prolapses at the Apollo Hospital Muscat.”


Prevalence of uro-gyanec symptoms

“Keeping in mind the prevalence of uro-gynaec symptoms amongst the female population and lack of such facilities in the private sector we are starting this clinic, which will be headed by Dr Alpha Khakhar who will be visiting us regularly from Apollo Hospital Chennai. All patients will be treated at our facility in Ruwi,” said K P Shoba, group general manager, Apollo Hospitals Muscat.


Many suffering from urinary problems

There are many women who suffer from urinary leakage which occurs during a strong cough, a sneeze or even while exercising.  “This is called stress urinary continence and socially it is embarrassing for the women.  There are other urinary leakages but that can be corrected with medications and lifestyle modifications.  But with stress urinary incontinence we need to address it with exercises or if it falls under the severe category, then we need to opt for corrective surgery,”explained Dr Khakhar.

The pelvic floor is like a hammock made up of muscles and ligaments attached to back and front bones. “It has enough flexibility and ability to hold and support the function of micturition, defecation and reproduction.  Pelvic floor supports urinary bladder, uterus and motion passage (rectum).  It gets weakened or tears due to continuous increase in abdominal pressure in cases of overweight, chronic cough, constipation, overweight, multiple pregnancies, long hours of pushing during childbirth. And women can develop problems such as urinary incontinence and drooping of bladder, uterus or motion passage,” said Dr Khakhar.?Pelvic floor tightening and relaxing exercises (Kegel’s Exercise) can be done any time in the day during pregnancy or after delivery to regain the pelvic floor position and flexibility, she noted. “It is never too late to do these exercises on a regular basis to maintain pelvic floor tightening and to prevent urinary problems and dropping of the organs. Traditionally women used to seat in squatting position and do household chores, which were keeping them healthy. But with changing times and lifestyles, we need to teach women medically and scientifically about the importance of care during and post delivery as traditions are not followed by the new generation,” she added.


Lower prevalence of incontinence in males

Prevalence of incontinence in men is much lesser compared to men and age is also a factor. 

Speaking at the CME Dr Deepak Raghavan, consultant urologist, renal transplant surgeon and robotic urologist from Apollo Hospitals Chennai, a patient can be offered surgery when they display indications starting from acute to chronic pain; occurrence of cancer in kidneys or urinary bladder or in the prostate, which gets picked up accidentally on CT scan or ultrasound.

Kidney stones are on the rise in the recent decade in Middle East and doctors have come across many patients with renal stones and its ill effects on the kidney functions. “The management of renal stones has been changing in the recent times to more and more minimally invasive. Advent of Holmium laser has made it possible and we are trying to bring the latest technology in Endo Urological treatment of renal stones.  We offer Retrograde Intra Renal surgery in management of renal stones as it is safe and effective for renal stones. Biggest advantage is the high rate of stone clearance and which is practiced at Apollo Hospital Muscat at affordable cost.” explained Dr Althaf Hussain, specialist Urologist, Apollo Hospital Muscat.

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